Sun, Awnings & Suspicious Neighbours

Awnings; the ultimate statement to add to your garden or business and develop that craved neighbour envy. Both practical and stylish, Awnings are an ideal investment to increase the year round usability of outside living space by brining comfort and individuality to your outdoors.

Most popular in the sunshine, our high performing Awnings are designed for living and offer a great atmosphere to the outdoors. Implementing smart ways to bring on demand shade when it is bright and a touch of light when it is dark, Awnings are a great addition to any property.

Go the extra mile and build in lighting, heating and motorised controls, allowing you to have full control and develop a personable experience with your Awning!

You may be thinking, how can an Awning benefit you in particular? In this blog I hope to highlight the main key benefits and shed some knowledge, allowing you to then be the end decision maker!

Luxaflex Bespoke Awning

Some of the key benefits of Awnings:

  • On Demand Sun Shade

With the weather in the UK being temperamental, when the sun is shining and evenings are lighter, the time spent outdoors is significantly increased. However, we all need to be aware of the potential dangers of UVA and UVB rays. A high quality Awning will block up to 100% of these dangerous rays so you can spend longer in your garden without damaging your skin. Do you enjoy reading? When reading outdoors in the fresh air an Awning will allow you to read without glare and constant squinting by acting as a perfect sunshade.

  • Temperature Control 

On those hot days you can relax in the shade of your Awning and in temperatures that can be as much as 20 degrees cooler. Kick back and enjoy an ice cream or a good book! Having an Awning over your Windows, French Doors, Patio Doors, or Bi-Fold Doors will prevent the room from becoming hot from the sun’s rays. A south facing room without an Awning can make viewing the likes of a TV difficult and can heat up the room like a greenhouse. The Awning can block the sun’s rays before they reach the glass making it more effective than blinds, shutters or curtains with no disruption of your garden view. By blocking the UV radiation you will also protect your furniture and carpets from becoming sun-bleached and faded.

  • Privacy

Ground level gardens are typically overlooked by neighbouring properties. An Awning allows you to enjoy your outdoors space with a little extra privacy and don’t forget that neighbour envy.

  • Extended Living Space 

An Awning transforms the appearance of your outside space. The Awning gives the impression of a larger living area and softens the divide between indoors and outdoors . The wind and rain resistance of the high tech fabrics make your outdoors space an area that can be used all year round. Awnings can be further enhanced with LED lights, heating and even integrated music systems!

Perfect for all year round
  • Bespoke Design

Not all Awnings are the same. The extensive range provided by Awnings include a variation of styles, operation methods, colours and more. Visit the showroom or arrange a free home consultation to fully appreciate the ranges available and find the perfect solution for your home. Not to mention, all of our Awnings are made-to-measure, meaning you decide exactly how large or small and how much projection you would like from your Awning.

  • Sun and Wind Sensors

Want to leave your home without worrying about the temperamental UK weather damaging your Awning? We have introduced sun and wind sensors specifically for this reason! By adding a sun and wind sensor to your motorisation Awning Systems means you can instantly activate your Awning when it registers the sun’s rays, and retract when the winds seem too high. A convenient and practical addition for your Awning.

To conclude, all of our Awnings come with a minimum 5 year guarantee on framework and up to a 10 year guarantee on all our fabrics! For more information on Awnings, contact the friendly and knowledgeable Just Blinds team:

Cannock: 01543 274207

Stafford: 01785 556424

Just Blinds LTD and Child Safety

BBSA make it safe
BBSA make it safe campaign supported by CAPT

It is officially child safety week! To give you a run down, child safety week is organised annually by the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) and supports the British Blinds and Shutter Association (BBSA) campaign. The idea behind the campaign is to educate and build confidence around the risks of child safety in blinds. CAPT have supported the BBSA’s make it safe campaign, since it started in 2009 and together, provide excellent advice on keeping children safe when it comes to blind installation.

You may be thinking, what is the problem and how can children be affected by the simple structure of a blind? To answer the question, it is proven that simple accidents are one of the biggest killers in England and Wales, second only to cancer. A statistic highlighted by CAPT states that one child under the age of 5 dies every week in England from an accident at home.

child safety device
Child safety device to secure cords

In 2014 it became a law that any blinds with manual cord control, must be fitted with a cord retainer (child safety device) at least 1.5M from the floor. This was to prevent the risk of strangulation with small children. Since this regulation came into place, manufacturers have brainstormed numerous ideas 0n how they can continue manufacturing a safe product.

What do we do at Just Blinds LTD to ensure our services remain child friendly:

First of all, we are proud to say we are accredited members of the BBSA. The BBSA is the only national trade association for companies that manufacture, supply and install blinds, shutters, awnings and motor control systems. The BBSA keeps us up to date with changes to standards, requirements and best practices while highlighting the importance of child safety in blinds.

At Just Blinds you can feel rest assured, on every job with manual cord operation, we ensure our fitters install a safety device which allows cords to be secured and not pose a possible safety threat. Alternatively, some of our corded blinds come with safety features such as breakaway condensers. The idea behind these devices is for the cord to break apart as soon as too much pressure is applied to the cord, preventing all risks of strangulation as previously mentioned.

child safety
Secured cords and chains on a Vertical Blind

Roman blinds, previously made with numerous looped cords that run along the back of the fabric have been changed and altered to have their own built in breakaway clips. This takes away maximum danger to any young child and you can still achieve the soft and homely look a roman brings to any house.

159 Walsall Rd, Norton Canes, WS11 9QX

For blinds manufactured before 2014, you are able to install your own child safety clip to secure all corded blinds. We are giving away free child safety devices at our showroom to help support the cause so please come get yours while still available!

Finally, we can fully assure, all members of our team are trained in child safety regulations and would be able to advise on any queries you may have. We are doing our part this week to raise awareness regarding any legislation and regulations involving child safety.

For more information on child safety in blinds, curtains, shutters and awnings, please contact the friendly Just Blinds team on:

Cannock: 01543 274 207

Stafford: 01785 556 424


What is the purpose of ‘Day and Night Blinds’?

The topic we will be enlightening you on today is the idea of ‘Day and night blinds’, otherwise known as our Vision blinds. There are a number of questions that have circulated previously regarding our Vision blind range and we hope to answer everything in this blog and provide as much information as possible. We hope to cover the basics such as what are they?, can they be blackout? How do they work? and more!

What are Day and Night blinds? 

Very similar to roller blinds, day and night blinds operate the same however rather than a single panel of fabric, day and night blinds alternate between 2 sheets of fabric, one being sheer and one opaque to offer the ‘day and night’ effect. The idea behind this is to offer maximum comfort when it comes to control and functionality of the blind and their given purpose. Day and night blinds offer complete control over how much light you wish to filter into or out of the room.

How do Day and Night Blinds work?

As previously mentioned, day and night blinds operate by using both sheer and opaque fabrics, alternating against each other to offer maximum control. The idea behind this is that the slats can be adjusted to increase or decrease the amount of light allowed through the blind. The two fabrics are operated by using a cord or chain which can be controlled by hand or remote if you choose to go down the motorisation route. Although it is alternative fabrics, both fabrics operate as one. This means that either fabric slides above or below each other but operate using one mechanism to save confusion. They move as one unit rather than as individual blinds. The sheer strips of the day and night blinds allow daylight to filter through, while the opaque slats operate as a dim out blind. This is where the ultimate control of light and privacy comes into play.

How effective are Day and Night blinds at blocking out light? 

Day and night blinds are ideal for blocking out light. The advantage of having two layers of fabric, make day and night blinds perfect for dimming out light in your home. The opaque fabrics help create the unmatched environment to encourage a deep sleep and thus prove to be effective at dimming out as much light as possible.

Can Day and Night Blinds be cut to size?

When buying a new blind, you want to ensure that the blind matches the size of your window. The last thing you want is for the blind you have just spent a lot of money on be too big, small or long for your window. Luckily, this will not be the case with any of the blinds, shutters or curtains that we sell as all of our blinds  are made-to-measure. This means they are completely customised to your home and therefore can be cut down to size to fit your window.

How energy efficient are Day and Night blinds? 

You may wonder how efficient Day and Night blinds are at saving energy. With the factor of having 2 layers of fabric, this helps considerably with energy saving. They are brilliant for saving both electricity and heating bills. The act of having 2 fabrics creates a barrier between the glass and the blind, trapping the unwanted cold draft you may experience usually on a bare glass window. This will help appreciably with keeping your home heated during colder winter months. The sheer and opaque fabrics are also ideal for filtering as much light as needed and the control is completely down to you! This makes it perfect for allowing more light in rather than using electricity and also blocking out unwanted sunlight.

For more information on our Vision/Day and Night blind range, please contact the knowledgeable and friendly Just Blinds team on: 

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New Year, New Trends?

New year, means new trends. Like most things, blinds included, we like to keep up with the current trends. This enables us to create a stylish and modern look for our customers by dressing their windows appropriately.

We offer a number of different window dressings, which can help provide a unique aesthetic in your home. These vary from new and innovative shutters right through to Velux Skylights or Cassette Rollers. In this blog we plan to highlight the blinds that are currently “in” with current trends.

VENETIAN BLINDS (Wood/Faux Wood & Perfect Fits) 

Starting off with one of our most popular choices amongst our customers, our venetians are a fabulous way to add a personalised touch to any home. Venetians are as we say, old but gold – Ideal for creating a sleek, modern look in your home, the versatility of Venetians make them a popular choice. Simple to use controls make them ideal for filtering or cutting out light completely offering you excellent light control. Available in a variety of different styles and materials, this allows venetians to be perfect for any room in your home regardless of factors such as moisture. Venetians are available in real wood, faux wood, aluminium and can all be made into Perfect fit blinds.


Our shutter range is increasingly getting more popular as years go on. Looking for a stylish and practical look for your home? Our made-to-measure shutters are your answer. Creating the perfect focal point, our shutters also have many practical benefits such as being energy efficient with excellent heat retention. A huge benefit of shutters would be the privacy control you have by being able to completely block out any unwanted audience. Shutters are able to cater to all shaped windows without drawing any attention away from the feature. Our expert knowledge makes shutter a perfect window dressing for any room in your home.

Faux wood Luxaflex shutters


Motorised blinds are becoming increasingly popular as advances in technology become more apparent. As the world around us develops, it would only make sense if our blinds did too! The majority of blinds can now be motorised, dependent on the style. A huge key benefit of our motorised blinds is the fact they can be compatible with the well known “Alexa” with the help of a hub. This of course allows you to operate your blinds by simply telling them to open or close. This is thus why motorised blinds are up there with the current trends in the industry.


What are perfect fits you may ask? Perfect fits are innovative and can be made form a variation of styles. Unlike other blinds, perfect fit blinds require no mess, screws or hassle when it comes to installation! They operate by clipping onto the window frame and offer an immaculate finish. We had to add our perfect fit blinds to our list of current trends due to the stylish and practical features! The popularity of perfect fit blinds also meant they could not be missed in our current trends blog!



You may have already heard of the classic roller blinds but have you heard of cassetted rollers? These roller blinds simply come with a headed box which can be made to match the fabric on the roller blind. A wondrous touch to make your roller blind stand out just that little bit more!


Awnings, previously more popular in commercial properties, are now becoming increasingly common in domestic homes. Awnings allow you to spend more time outdoors by implementing smart ways to bring shade when its bright, heat on cooler evenings and bring a touch of light when it’s dark. Our Awnings are innovated with safety features. you can operate them with the click of a button if you choose to go the motorisation route and they offer exceptional UV protection for those perfect summer days.


Our Velux blind range is designated to roof windows, otherwise known as skylights. As people start to modernise their homes, Velux blinds are becoming more essential. They offer the added touch needed for roof windows to expertise the light control in the home. Our Velux Blinds include standard and room darkening fabrics to suit every room in the home and can be manufactured in both plain and patterned fabrics. Velux windows are often hard to reach, so we offer handy accessories to make opening and closing blinds as simple as possible. A simple rod can be extended to reach high windows.


Curtains continue to be up there with the newest (and oldest) trends. Available in so many styles, patterns and fabrics, curtains are a fabulous choice for any home needing an extra touch. As well as being stylish, there are many practical benefits of curtains. One key benefit being that they are a superb energy efficient method for keeping the heat in your home Our curtains can be styled in numerous ways and extra features can be added,  for example, customer your curtains with a waved header, the choice is yours!

Made-to-measure curtains

If you are looking for more information on any form of blinds, shutters or curtains then please contact the knowledgeable and friendly Just Blinds team on:

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What are the benefits of Window Shutters?

In light of our January sale – 20% off Window Shutters, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight some of the key advantages included with our beloved window shutters. 

Not only are our shutters stylish, trendy and practical, there are a number of other benefits to choosing shutters over the alternative fabric blinds which we will accentuate in this blog;


As mentioned before, our window shutters are stylish. A modernised window covering suitable for any home. Available in a variety of colours and materials. You have the choice between faux wood, hard wood and also vinyl shutters. Window Shutters can be customised to whichever colour you prefer, to match the interior of your home.


One of the main advantages of window shutters is that they are made to measure. This ensures that they can be manufactured to your peculiar shaped windows, for example circular windows! Shutters are the perfect option for all windows no matter what the shape or size is. 


Shutters are a perfect addition for insulation and making your home energy efficient. By providing an extra barrier between the glass and the shutter, this is great in means of keeping the heat in and the cold out – beneficial for saving money on heating costs! In addition to providing insulation during winter periods, shutters also do the opposite and have potential to make a room colder during those balmy summer months.


Following the mention of summer, window shutters offer good protection from insects. They allow you to have your windows wide open on glorious summer days & evenings,  but still form a barrier between the open air and the inside of your home – putting a stop to those dreaded insects entering uninvited. 


Due to the nature of shutters being made from more sustainable materials, they do adhere to extra value for money. The main reason being they come with a guarantee of up to 10 years. Meaning, although they may come at an extra cost compared to other inexpensive blinds, in the long run, they prove to be worth it – not to mention they also add extra value to your property! As mentioned before, you are likely to save on other bills, for example heating, due to window shutters being an energy efficient method of keeping heat in your home. 


Another key benefit would be the control you have with window shutters. Shutters provide ultimate light, noise and privacy control. Allowing you to filter exactly how much light you wish to enter the room and also block out any unwanted noises – perfect for those movie nights in! Shutters are also a fantastic privacy control tool, they will allow you to stop anyone uninvited being able to sneak a peek into your home. Light control in your home will additionally add more protection for your furniture and flooring within your home. This is because UV rays are known to fade the colour of your furniture, soft furnishings and hard flooring. This thus explains why window shutters are a great addition to any home. 

If you are looking for more information on Window Shutters, please contact the knowledgeable and friendly Just Blinds team for all your blinds, shutters and curtains on:

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Will blinds keep the cold out?

As colder months are in full flow, you may be wondering, what blinds may benefit you when wanting to keep the cold out and the heat in. 

To answer the question, without a doubt blinds do contribute to keeping the cold out – certain blinds will act more thermal than others. The logic behind this is that the blinds will form a barrier between the material and the glass, trapping a layer of cold air. By saying this, we can be confident that professionally fitted blinds are an effective energy efficient source to keep the heat in and the cold out. 

What do we recommend? 

Onto specifics, If you are looking for information on which blind in particular would be the most energy efficient when controlling the temperature in your home; we would recommend Duette blinds – Architella Shades from our Luxaflex range. 

Luxaflex thermal duette blinds

It is said that 50% of heat can be lost through windows. Luxaflex Duette Blinds use unique cellular construction which can reduce the said heat loss by half. They operate by retaining heat when it’s cold but also reduce warmth of the summer sun. These blinds are ideal for conservatories and can be made into perfect fits, making them even more efficient for the stated purposes. Available in a range of shades and materials, you can personalise your Duette blinds to meet your exact expectations. 

To conclude, all blinds will provide some form of heat saving energy, and are a perfect addition to any home. The duette blinds in particular use a unique cell-in-cell construction with three insulating air layers, to offer even more insulation for your property. 

If you are looking for more information on what blinds are right for you, please contact the knowledgeable and friendly Just Blinds team for all your blinds, shutters and curtains on:

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What blinds are best for kitchens?

When choosing blinds for your kitchen, this can be a difficult task in terms of knowing which blind style to choose. By making this decision, you have to consider all factors including moisture, grease, damp and spillages. The last thing you want to do is spend your hard earned money on a blind that will potentially get ruined from daily chores in the kitchen.

So which style should you look out for you may ask? There are a variation of styles that would be suitable for your beloved kitchens; as long as the material they’re made out of are moisture resistant. 

Moisture resistant materials are available in the following:

Roller blinds are a great addition to any room in your house; and can be made with moisture resistant materials making them perfect for your kitchens. Available in a range of different fabric ranges with stylish designs, exciting patterns and versatile colours. You can personalise your roller blinds to suit you and your kitchen. 

Vertical Blinds can customise any domestic or commercial premises and offer fantastic control over filtering light into the room. Verticals are an attractive and affordable option for your kitchen and can be made out of moisture resistant materials and also be coated with flame retardant or be manufactured as solar protective.They are also very easy to operate with your choice of a chain or a wand. A classic choice for your home or office (and in particular, kitchen!)

If you love the idea of wooden venetians in your home but are worried about how moisture may affect your wooden slats, faux wooden venetians are your best bet. They replicate wooden venetians but use a faux wood material so are perfect for areas with high moisture levels (and they look great too!). They still offer the privacy and light control you desire but are made out of high quality PVC and emulate a sophisticated wood grain or contemporary smooth grain. A great alternative for your kitchen. 

Like faux venetians, our vinyl shutters can also be made out of faux wood, making them a picture perfect alternative to real wooden shutters. Vinyl shutters still offer the benefit of the practical features designed for light and privacy control and can be catered to all shapes and sizes. Safe from moisture, vinyl shutters are perfect for your kitchen and easy to operate. 

If you are looking for more information on what blinds would be suitable for moisture prone environments, please contact the knowledgeable and friendly Just Blinds team for all your blinds, shutters and curtains on: 

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What are our Temporary Blinds?

Looking for information on temporary blinds? Then you’re in the right place! Temporary blinds are what we fit for FREE while you wait for the blinds you have ordered to be manufactured. 

They’re usually fitted when people are planning to move into a new build and are expecting bare windows. Temporary blinds are great for giving the privacy you need without the expected extra cost. They are exactly what they portray to be; temporary blinds.

Our temporary blinds are made from sustainable materials and thus are completely environmentally friendly. The materials used are recyclable paper from sustainable forests. Our temporary blinds range have 2 colour options to choose from; white or black; black being made from blackout material so you have the right control over the amount of light allowed to filter through. 

How do they work you may ask? Similar to perfect fits, there is no mess, screws or hassle when it comes to fitting the blinds as they stick directly to the window . It doesn’t stop there, when it comes to removing to install your order, the temporary blinds simply peel off! So you do not need to worry again about any mess or hassle.

Temporary blinds can be fitted to any window style so are the perfect choice when moving into a building with bare windows.

If you are looking for more information on temporary blinds then please contact the knowledgeable and friendly Just Blinds team for all your blinds, shutters and curtains on: 

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Perfect Fits: How do they work?

Some of our most favoured blinds for both our customers and fitters, would be the idyllic perfect fits. These blinds give an immaculate finish to any home and hold many key advantages to which we will demonstrate below.

What are perfect fit blinds you may ask? They are innovative blinds that can be fitted with ease involving no screws, tools or hassle when it comes down to installation! With numerous styles available, perfect fit blinds are ideal for conservatories and Bi-Fold doors. 

There are a number of variations you can have when it comes to perfect fit blinds. These include various materials, styles and clipping systems. These styles as such incorporate; venetian (wooden and aluminium), pleated and roller. 

perfect fit
recent perfect fit installation

Some key advantages to Perfect Fits include;

  • Mess and clutter free – your window sill space is left untouched and free from all cords. Perfect for minimalist interiors!
  • Great insulation – A superlative tool to attain more control over the temperature of your home. Keeps the cold out and the warm in!
  • Child Safety approved – No cables or cords are used to operate, making them completely child friendly. 
  • Excellent for Awkward windows – Having the blinds fit inside the frame makes them suitable for the likes of skylights and tilt and turn windows! The perfect fit also means no handle is obstructed or awkward to get to. 
  • Optimal light control – Cover your windows completely due to the precise fitting, allowing more control over light in your home.

If you are looking for more information on Perfect Fit Blinds then please contact the knowledgeable and friendly Just Blinds team for all your blinds, shutters and curtains on: 

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Are Motorised Blinds Compatible with Alexa ?

As the world around us develops, more and more things become electrical. One being motorised blinds.  

Another commonly used piece of new technology would be Alexa. Sound familiar? Amazon Alexa is what we like to call a ‘virtual assistant’ – making those daily tasks just that little bit easier by using artificial intelligence. Alexa uses smart technology to be able to play music, update you on the weather and answer all your fundamental questions, followed by a number of other things you probably would not have even considered. 

As the years go on, Amazon has broadened their range of compatible devices so that Alexa can help you with the security of your home, the powering of your lights and even go as far as assisting with making you a brew in the morning by connecting to your espresso machine through a smart plug. 

Going back to the question. Are motorised blinds compatible with Alexa? Can Amazon Alexa do the work for you making it even easier than the simple click of the button?

To simplify the answer; yes, motorised blinds can be made compatible with Alexa – with the help of a hub that connects to your internet router. The type of hub you require depends on the type of motorised blind you go for. 

Once a hub is connected to your internet router, you can then make your motorised blinds compatible with your Alexa device.

If you are looking for more information on Motorised Blinds then please contact the knowledgeable and friendly Just Blinds team for all your blinds, shutters and curtains on: 

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