Perfect Fits: How do they work?

Some of our most favoured blinds for both our customers and fitters, would be the idyllic perfect fits. These blinds give an immaculate finish to any home and hold many key advantages to which we will demonstrate below.

What are perfect fit blinds you may ask? They are innovative blinds that can be fitted with ease involving no screws, tools or hassle when it comes down to installation! With numerous styles available, perfect fit blinds are ideal for conservatories and Bi-Fold doors. 

There are a number of variations you can have when it comes to perfect fit blinds. These include various materials, styles and clipping systems. These styles as such incorporate; venetian (wooden and aluminium), pleated and roller. 

perfect fit
recent perfect fit installation

Some key advantages to Perfect Fits include;

  • Mess and clutter free – your window sill space is left untouched and free from all cords. Perfect for minimalist interiors!
  • Great insulation – A superlative tool to attain more control over the temperature of your home. Keeps the cold out and the warm in!
  • Child Safety approved – No cables or cords are used to operate, making them completely child friendly. 
  • Excellent for Awkward windows – Having the blinds fit inside the frame makes them suitable for the likes of skylights and tilt and turn windows! The perfect fit also means no handle is obstructed or awkward to get to. 
  • Optimal light control – Cover your windows completely due to the precise fitting, allowing more control over light in your home.

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Why Faux Wood Blinds can be even better than Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds are becoming more popular with blinds buyers and now match the sales of real wood blinds here at Just Blinds, Cannock.

Although in many cases the word ‘faux’ can imply a reduction of quality, (like faux leather) when it comes to blinds the faux wood venetian blinds actually outscore the real wood venetian blinds in a number of ways. Let us explain.

The faux wood blinds are actually made of a specifically developed PVC material that brings a number of advantages verses the more traditional wood venetian blinds.

  • Faux wood materials are waterproof. This makes them easier to clean. These blinds can be wiped with a damp cloth with no danger of damage to the paint like a wooden blind.
  • Faux wood blinds are not effected by moisture. This makes them perfect for high moisture areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Increased range of colours and styles. The range of faux wood colours is far greater than the traditional wooden blinds.
  • Increased durability. Traditional wood blinds can splinter and crack if handled without care. Once the blinds start to crack and splinter then the structure is weakened. In comparison, the faux wood blinds slats are able to bend, and flex rather than crack. Perfect for homes with pets, children and clumsy adults!


PVC faux blinds provide many advantages as detailed above. However, they do have their limitations. Faux wood blinds cannot be fitted in places that may subject the blinds to high heat, such as conservatories. Excessive heat can cause the slats to twist. This problem is exacerbated in darker colours due to heat absorption. Due to the reduced rigidity of faux wood blinds, additional supports or ‘ladders’ may be required for faux wood blinds.

Just Blinds provide free, no obligation advice and quotes for all types of blinds to suit all properties. The range includes faux wood blinds and real wood blinds. The helpful showroom team are able to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of all blinds available and help customers select the perfect blinds for their property and needs.

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