What are the benefits of Window Shutters?

In light of our January sale – 20% off Window Shutters, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight some of the key advantages included with our beloved window shutters. 

Not only are our shutters stylish, trendy and practical, there are a number of other benefits to choosing shutters over the alternative fabric blinds which we will accentuate in this blog;


As mentioned before, our window shutters are stylish. A modernised window covering suitable for any home. Available in a variety of colours and materials. You have the choice between faux wood, hard wood and also vinyl shutters. Window Shutters can be customised to whichever colour you prefer, to match the interior of your home.


One of the main advantages of window shutters is that they are made to measure. This ensures that they can be manufactured to your peculiar shaped windows, for example circular windows! Shutters are the perfect option for all windows no matter what the shape or size is. 


Shutters are a perfect addition for insulation and making your home energy efficient. By providing an extra barrier between the glass and the shutter, this is great in means of keeping the heat in and the cold out – beneficial for saving money on heating costs! In addition to providing insulation during winter periods, shutters also do the opposite and have potential to make a room colder during those balmy summer months.


Following the mention of summer, window shutters offer good protection from insects. They allow you to have your windows wide open on glorious summer days & evenings,  but still form a barrier between the open air and the inside of your home – putting a stop to those dreaded insects entering uninvited. 


Due to the nature of shutters being made from more sustainable materials, they do adhere to extra value for money. The main reason being they come with a guarantee of up to 10 years. Meaning, although they may come at an extra cost compared to other inexpensive blinds, in the long run, they prove to be worth it – not to mention they also add extra value to your property! As mentioned before, you are likely to save on other bills, for example heating, due to window shutters being an energy efficient method of keeping heat in your home. 


Another key benefit would be the control you have with window shutters. Shutters provide ultimate light, noise and privacy control. Allowing you to filter exactly how much light you wish to enter the room and also block out any unwanted noises – perfect for those movie nights in! Shutters are also a fantastic privacy control tool, they will allow you to stop anyone uninvited being able to sneak a peek into your home. Light control in your home will additionally add more protection for your furniture and flooring within your home. This is because UV rays are known to fade the colour of your furniture, soft furnishings and hard flooring. This thus explains why window shutters are a great addition to any home. 

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What blinds are best for kitchens?

When choosing blinds for your kitchen, this can be a difficult task in terms of knowing which blind style to choose. By making this decision, you have to consider all factors including moisture, grease, damp and spillages. The last thing you want to do is spend your hard earned money on a blind that will potentially get ruined from daily chores in the kitchen.

So which style should you look out for you may ask? There are a variation of styles that would be suitable for your beloved kitchens; as long as the material they’re made out of are moisture resistant. 

Moisture resistant materials are available in the following:

Roller blinds are a great addition to any room in your house; and can be made with moisture resistant materials making them perfect for your kitchens. Available in a range of different fabric ranges with stylish designs, exciting patterns and versatile colours. You can personalise your roller blinds to suit you and your kitchen. 

Vertical Blinds can customise any domestic or commercial premises and offer fantastic control over filtering light into the room. Verticals are an attractive and affordable option for your kitchen and can be made out of moisture resistant materials and also be coated with flame retardant or be manufactured as solar protective.They are also very easy to operate with your choice of a chain or a wand. A classic choice for your home or office (and in particular, kitchen!)

If you love the idea of wooden venetians in your home but are worried about how moisture may affect your wooden slats, faux wooden venetians are your best bet. They replicate wooden venetians but use a faux wood material so are perfect for areas with high moisture levels (and they look great too!). They still offer the privacy and light control you desire but are made out of high quality PVC and emulate a sophisticated wood grain or contemporary smooth grain. A great alternative for your kitchen. 

Like faux venetians, our vinyl shutters can also be made out of faux wood, making them a picture perfect alternative to real wooden shutters. Vinyl shutters still offer the benefit of the practical features designed for light and privacy control and can be catered to all shapes and sizes. Safe from moisture, vinyl shutters are perfect for your kitchen and easy to operate. 

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