Just Blinds Got Talent! Another Award For Just Blinds Presented By David Walliams

Just Blinds were delighted to be acknowledged as a finalist for the ‘Most Impressive Growth’ award as part of the National Entrepreneur Awards 2021. Being a shortlisted finalist for such a prestigious award was seen as a great achievement by all of the Just Blinds team who has grown significantly to over 20 staff operating out of the new head office facility in Norton Canes, Cannock. To the surprise and delight of Just Blinds director, Clare, Just Blinds were announced as winners of the award!

Clare was overwhelmed as she was called to the stage at the presentation event hosted by Britain’s Got Talent star, comedian and best selling author David Walliams. The delight is clear on Clare’s face as she stood proudly next to a very tall David Walliams.

Just Blinds will continue to serve Cannock and the wider area for all types of blinds and with the newly opened blinds manufacturing facility and refitted showroom in Norton intend to continue to expand to meet the needs of their expanding customer base.

Can Blinds help me keep my heating bills down?

As the cold weather starts to bite, we all want to ensure a warm and cosy home and keep on top of our heating bills too. There are only so many extra jumpers you can put on before you can’t move – but there is another solution to keep you and the whole family warm throughout the winter months.

Blinds look good as well as being practical by blocking out light and giving your home some privacy, but they’re also an excellent choice for energy saving purposes, and can help to insulate your home not just from the winter’s cold, but from those summer days that are just too warm for comfort.

Heating bills are likely to be higher than ever this winter as small suppliers go under and commercial fuel prices rise. Since we offer a no obligation measuring service in the Cannock area, now is a great time to find out how blinds can help you keep your home warm in winter, and book us in for a no-obligation free fitting.

How does my home lose heat?

How quickly your home loses heat will depend on several factors including gaps in doors, a poorly insulated roof, and via your windows, which can be one of the biggest factors in losing warmth. Finding a way to prevent the heat loss through your windows will save you money and keep you cosy in winter.

You might have long curtains, but they are unlikely to provide the same kind of insulation that well-fitted blinds can offer you. Many customers combine curtains and blinds for the ultimate in thermal efficiency and design.

How will blinds help?

Our expert fitters make sure that your blinds are measured and fitted properly so that they insulate your home effectively. Trapping a layer of air between the blinds and your windows means heat can’t escape (and can’t get in during the summer months!). Open your blinds first thing in the morning to get the benefit of the daytime sunshine, and close your blinds as soon as it gets dark to keep that cold night air out!

Which type of blind is best for insulation?

There are many different kinds of blinds, made from a variety of materials. Fabric is best if you are looking to keep the cold out, but any kind of well-fitted blind is going to help with both cold and heat insulation. Of course, you’ll be looking for something that goes well with your home décor, but we can advise and show you the wide range of blinds at our showroom, or on a home visit.
Blinds are one of the most effective ways for you to insulate your home and therefore save on your heating bills in winter – so much so, that you’ll be wondering why you didn’t have them fitted years ago!

Our family run business has a reputation for delivering high quality products at competitive prices, and our vast industry experience makes us confident that we can provide exactly what you need at Just Blinds.

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Just Blinds LTD and Child Safety

BBSA make it safe
BBSA make it safe campaign supported by CAPT

It is officially child safety week! To give you a run down, child safety week is organised annually by the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) and supports the British Blinds and Shutter Association (BBSA) campaign. The idea behind the campaign is to educate and build confidence around the risks of child safety in blinds. CAPT have supported the BBSA’s make it safe campaign, since it started in 2009 and together, provide excellent advice on keeping children safe when it comes to blind installation.

You may be thinking, what is the problem and how can children be affected by the simple structure of a blind? To answer the question, it is proven that simple accidents are one of the biggest killers in England and Wales, second only to cancer. A statistic highlighted by CAPT states that one child under the age of 5 dies every week in England from an accident at home.

child safety device
Child safety device to secure cords

In 2014 it became a law that any blinds with manual cord control, must be fitted with a cord retainer (child safety device) at least 1.5M from the floor. This was to prevent the risk of strangulation with small children. Since this regulation came into place, manufacturers have brainstormed numerous ideas 0n how they can continue manufacturing a safe product.

What do we do at Just Blinds LTD to ensure our services remain child friendly:

First of all, we are proud to say we are accredited members of the BBSA. The BBSA is the only national trade association for companies that manufacture, supply and install blinds, shutters, awnings and motor control systems. The BBSA keeps us up to date with changes to standards, requirements and best practices while highlighting the importance of child safety in blinds.

At Just Blinds you can feel rest assured, on every job with manual cord operation, we ensure our fitters install a safety device which allows cords to be secured and not pose a possible safety threat. Alternatively, some of our corded blinds come with safety features such as breakaway condensers. The idea behind these devices is for the cord to break apart as soon as too much pressure is applied to the cord, preventing all risks of strangulation as previously mentioned.

child safety
Secured cords and chains on a Vertical Blind

Roman blinds, previously made with numerous looped cords that run along the back of the fabric have been changed and altered to have their own built in breakaway clips. This takes away maximum danger to any young child and you can still achieve the soft and homely look a roman brings to any house.

159 Walsall Rd, Norton Canes, WS11 9QX

For blinds manufactured before 2014, you are able to install your own child safety clip to secure all corded blinds. We are giving away free child safety devices at our showroom to help support the cause so please come get yours while still available!

Finally, we can fully assure, all members of our team are trained in child safety regulations and would be able to advise on any queries you may have. We are doing our part this week to raise awareness regarding any legislation and regulations involving child safety.

For more information on child safety in blinds, curtains, shutters and awnings, please contact the friendly Just Blinds team on:

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New Year, New Trends?

New year, means new trends. Like most things, blinds included, we like to keep up with the current trends. This enables us to create a stylish and modern look for our customers by dressing their windows appropriately.

We offer a number of different window dressings, which can help provide a unique aesthetic in your home. These vary from new and innovative shutters right through to Velux Skylights or Cassette Rollers. In this blog we plan to highlight the blinds that are currently “in” with current trends.

VENETIAN BLINDS (Wood/Faux Wood & Perfect Fits) 

Starting off with one of our most popular choices amongst our customers, our venetians are a fabulous way to add a personalised touch to any home. Venetians are as we say, old but gold – Ideal for creating a sleek, modern look in your home, the versatility of Venetians make them a popular choice. Simple to use controls make them ideal for filtering or cutting out light completely offering you excellent light control. Available in a variety of different styles and materials, this allows venetians to be perfect for any room in your home regardless of factors such as moisture. Venetians are available in real wood, faux wood, aluminium and can all be made into Perfect fit blinds.


Our shutter range is increasingly getting more popular as years go on. Looking for a stylish and practical look for your home? Our made-to-measure shutters are your answer. Creating the perfect focal point, our shutters also have many practical benefits such as being energy efficient with excellent heat retention. A huge benefit of shutters would be the privacy control you have by being able to completely block out any unwanted audience. Shutters are able to cater to all shaped windows without drawing any attention away from the feature. Our expert knowledge makes shutter a perfect window dressing for any room in your home.

Faux wood Luxaflex shutters


Motorised blinds are becoming increasingly popular as advances in technology become more apparent. As the world around us develops, it would only make sense if our blinds did too! The majority of blinds can now be motorised, dependent on the style. A huge key benefit of our motorised blinds is the fact they can be compatible with the well known “Alexa” with the help of a hub. This of course allows you to operate your blinds by simply telling them to open or close. This is thus why motorised blinds are up there with the current trends in the industry.


What are perfect fits you may ask? Perfect fits are innovative and can be made form a variation of styles. Unlike other blinds, perfect fit blinds require no mess, screws or hassle when it comes to installation! They operate by clipping onto the window frame and offer an immaculate finish. We had to add our perfect fit blinds to our list of current trends due to the stylish and practical features! The popularity of perfect fit blinds also meant they could not be missed in our current trends blog!



You may have already heard of the classic roller blinds but have you heard of cassetted rollers? These roller blinds simply come with a headed box which can be made to match the fabric on the roller blind. A wondrous touch to make your roller blind stand out just that little bit more!


Awnings, previously more popular in commercial properties, are now becoming increasingly common in domestic homes. Awnings allow you to spend more time outdoors by implementing smart ways to bring shade when its bright, heat on cooler evenings and bring a touch of light when it’s dark. Our Awnings are innovated with safety features. you can operate them with the click of a button if you choose to go the motorisation route and they offer exceptional UV protection for those perfect summer days.


Our Velux blind range is designated to roof windows, otherwise known as skylights. As people start to modernise their homes, Velux blinds are becoming more essential. They offer the added touch needed for roof windows to expertise the light control in the home. Our Velux Blinds include standard and room darkening fabrics to suit every room in the home and can be manufactured in both plain and patterned fabrics. Velux windows are often hard to reach, so we offer handy accessories to make opening and closing blinds as simple as possible. A simple rod can be extended to reach high windows.


Curtains continue to be up there with the newest (and oldest) trends. Available in so many styles, patterns and fabrics, curtains are a fabulous choice for any home needing an extra touch. As well as being stylish, there are many practical benefits of curtains. One key benefit being that they are a superb energy efficient method for keeping the heat in your home Our curtains can be styled in numerous ways and extra features can be added,  for example, customer your curtains with a waved header, the choice is yours!

Made-to-measure curtains

If you are looking for more information on any form of blinds, shutters or curtains then please contact the knowledgeable and friendly Just Blinds team on:

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What are our Temporary Blinds?

Looking for information on temporary blinds? Then you’re in the right place! Temporary blinds are what we fit for FREE while you wait for the blinds you have ordered to be manufactured. 

They’re usually fitted when people are planning to move into a new build and are expecting bare windows. Temporary blinds are great for giving the privacy you need without the expected extra cost. They are exactly what they portray to be; temporary blinds.

Our temporary blinds are made from sustainable materials and thus are completely environmentally friendly. The materials used are recyclable paper from sustainable forests. Our temporary blinds range have 2 colour options to choose from; white or black; black being made from blackout material so you have the right control over the amount of light allowed to filter through. 

How do they work you may ask? Similar to perfect fits, there is no mess, screws or hassle when it comes to fitting the blinds as they stick directly to the window . It doesn’t stop there, when it comes to removing to install your order, the temporary blinds simply peel off! So you do not need to worry again about any mess or hassle.

Temporary blinds can be fitted to any window style so are the perfect choice when moving into a building with bare windows.

If you are looking for more information on temporary blinds then please contact the knowledgeable and friendly Just Blinds team for all your blinds, shutters and curtains on: 

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