Just Blinds LTD and Child Safety

BBSA make it safe
BBSA make it safe campaign supported by CAPT

It is officially child safety week! To give you a run down, child safety week is organised annually by the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) and supports the British Blinds and Shutter Association (BBSA) campaign. The idea behind the campaign is to educate and build confidence around the risks of child safety in blinds. CAPT have supported the BBSA’s make it safe campaign, since it started in 2009 and together, provide excellent advice on keeping children safe when it comes to blind installation.

You may be thinking, what is the problem and how can children be affected by the simple structure of a blind? To answer the question, it is proven that simple accidents are one of the biggest killers in England and Wales, second only to cancer. A statistic highlighted by CAPT states that one child under the age of 5 dies every week in England from an accident at home.

child safety device
Child safety device to secure cords

In 2014 it became a law that any blinds with manual cord control, must be fitted with a cord retainer (child safety device) at least 1.5M from the floor. This was to prevent the risk of strangulation with small children. Since this regulation came into place, manufacturers have brainstormed numerous ideas 0n how they can continue manufacturing a safe product.

What do we do at Just Blinds LTD to ensure our services remain child friendly:

First of all, we are proud to say we are accredited members of the BBSA. The BBSA is the only national trade association for companies that manufacture, supply and install blinds, shutters, awnings and motor control systems. The BBSA keeps us up to date with changes to standards, requirements and best practices while highlighting the importance of child safety in blinds.

At Just Blinds you can feel rest assured, on every job with manual cord operation, we ensure our fitters install a safety device which allows cords to be secured and not pose a possible safety threat. Alternatively, some of our corded blinds come with safety features such as breakaway condensers. The idea behind these devices is for the cord to break apart as soon as too much pressure is applied to the cord, preventing all risks of strangulation as previously mentioned.

child safety
Secured cords and chains on a Vertical Blind

Roman blinds, previously made with numerous looped cords that run along the back of the fabric have been changed and altered to have their own built in breakaway clips. This takes away maximum danger to any young child and you can still achieve the soft and homely look a roman brings to any house.

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For blinds manufactured before 2014, you are able to install your own child safety clip to secure all corded blinds. We are giving away free child safety devices at our showroom to help support the cause so please come get yours while still available!

Finally, we can fully assure, all members of our team are trained in child safety regulations and would be able to advise on any queries you may have. We are doing our part this week to raise awareness regarding any legislation and regulations involving child safety.

For more information on child safety in blinds, curtains, shutters and awnings, please contact the friendly Just Blinds team on:

Cannock: 01543 274 207

Stafford: 01785 556 424


What is the purpose of ‘Day and Night Blinds’?

The topic we will be enlightening you on today is the idea of ‘Day and night blinds’, otherwise known as our Vision blinds. There are a number of questions that have circulated previously regarding our Vision blind range and we hope to answer everything in this blog and provide as much information as possible. We hope to cover the basics such as what are they?, can they be blackout? How do they work? and more!

What are Day and Night blinds? 

Very similar to roller blinds, day and night blinds operate the same however rather than a single panel of fabric, day and night blinds alternate between 2 sheets of fabric, one being sheer and one opaque to offer the ‘day and night’ effect. The idea behind this is to offer maximum comfort when it comes to control and functionality of the blind and their given purpose. Day and night blinds offer complete control over how much light you wish to filter into or out of the room.

How do Day and Night Blinds work?

As previously mentioned, day and night blinds operate by using both sheer and opaque fabrics, alternating against each other to offer maximum control. The idea behind this is that the slats can be adjusted to increase or decrease the amount of light allowed through the blind. The two fabrics are operated by using a cord or chain which can be controlled by hand or remote if you choose to go down the motorisation route. Although it is alternative fabrics, both fabrics operate as one. This means that either fabric slides above or below each other but operate using one mechanism to save confusion. They move as one unit rather than as individual blinds. The sheer strips of the day and night blinds allow daylight to filter through, while the opaque slats operate as a dim out blind. This is where the ultimate control of light and privacy comes into play.

How effective are Day and Night blinds at blocking out light? 

Day and night blinds are ideal for blocking out light. The advantage of having two layers of fabric, make day and night blinds perfect for dimming out light in your home. The opaque fabrics help create the unmatched environment to encourage a deep sleep and thus prove to be effective at dimming out as much light as possible.

Can Day and Night Blinds be cut to size?

When buying a new blind, you want to ensure that the blind matches the size of your window. The last thing you want is for the blind you have just spent a lot of money on be too big, small or long for your window. Luckily, this will not be the case with any of the blinds, shutters or curtains that we sell as all of our blinds  are made-to-measure. This means they are completely customised to your home and therefore can be cut down to size to fit your window.

How energy efficient are Day and Night blinds? 

You may wonder how efficient Day and Night blinds are at saving energy. With the factor of having 2 layers of fabric, this helps considerably with energy saving. They are brilliant for saving both electricity and heating bills. The act of having 2 fabrics creates a barrier between the glass and the blind, trapping the unwanted cold draft you may experience usually on a bare glass window. This will help appreciably with keeping your home heated during colder winter months. The sheer and opaque fabrics are also ideal for filtering as much light as needed and the control is completely down to you! This makes it perfect for allowing more light in rather than using electricity and also blocking out unwanted sunlight.

For more information on our Vision/Day and Night blind range, please contact the knowledgeable and friendly Just Blinds team on: 

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Stafford: 01785 556 424

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