Can blinds be added to a roof lantern?

At Just Blinds, we like to keep up with what our customers are interested in. We’ve noticed a recent uplift in requests for lantern blinds, so we thought going through the options might be useful in helping you to decide what suits your needs the best.

What types of blinds are available for a roof lantern?

For lantern blinds, there are two options available – these are pleated blinds and roller blinds. If you have a relatively small roof lantern, a pleated blind is probably your best option. However, pleated blinds do have limits in terms of the size of area they cover, so do check with your blind fitter on whether they will be suitable.

Pleated blinds are available in a good choice of fabric. Blackout fabrics will cut out all light, although you do have a choice of lighter fabrics such as voile which will let in plenty of light even when drawn. Whatever your fabric choice, a popular option is to choose a material with a reflective coating. This will not only help to cut down on glare, but provide effective temperature control in both summer and winter.

This type of blind has a moving rail with the fabric attached, and a fixing rail at each end. Steel or nylon support wires stop the pleated lantern blind from sagging, although steel wires are superior as they are less prone to being affected by sunlight which can cause them to break.

Perhaps your most important choice is how you will operate them – blinds can be motorised so you can open and close them by remote control, or they can be operated manually with a rod. Obviously, there are pros and cons to both, but we can help advise if you can’t decide what would be best for you.

Your second option for roof lantern blinds are roller blinds. These are the only option open to you for a large roof lantern area, but they do work on smaller spaces too. Roller blinds differ from pleated blinds by having no support wires, and again can work either manually (with a gearbox and handle), or by remote control.

One option available for roof lantern roller blinds is to have a zip on the fabric to prevent sagging. This also stops the fabric coming out of the side channels it runs along, and prolongs the life of your blinds. Your fabric options are a little more limited here, as voile is too delicate a fabric to cope with the side channels we can offer a screen fabric instead, filtering light into the room but blocking out the glare.

We hope this has given you a bit more information about roof lantern blinds, but if you need further advice, please give us a call on 01543 274207 at Just Blinds in Cannock to discuss your needs and one of our friendly team will be happy to help.