Skylight Blinds

Conservatories come in all shapes and sizes – just like our blinds! With angled roofs and shaped windows, expertise is required to achieve a perfect fit all the way round.

Conservatory Blinds provide privacy plus they help to regulate the temperature without cracking, splitting, fading, melting, and generally disintegrating, so the technical specifications have to be far higher. Keep things cool by choosing Pleated blinds with a performance fabric offering Solar Protection or Black our Heat reflective fabrics keeping you ‘warm in the winter and cool in the summer’ Conservatory roof blinds are hard to reach but that doesn’t mean they are impossible to open and close. We offer a simple wand that clips into a tab on the blind that allows you easy control.

‘Perfect Fit’ is ideal for your Conservatory Roof Blinds; this is a unique product in the fact that there is no need to drill holes into your Conservatory to fit the blinds. Our price includes a complete survey, manufacture and expert installation, supported with a full guarantee.



Living Room

Dining Room




5 Year Guarantee Minimum

Durable UK made shutters

Low Maintenance

Easy Clean & Care

Highly Desirable

The Ultimate Luxury Window Dressing

Professional Installation

Dedicated Shutter Fitting Specialists

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