What are our Temporary Blinds?

Looking for information on temporary blinds? Then you’re in the right place! Temporary blinds are what we fit for FREE while you wait for the blinds you have ordered to be manufactured. 

They’re usually fitted when people are planning to move into a new build and are expecting bare windows. Temporary blinds are great for giving the privacy you need without the expected extra cost. They are exactly what they portray to be; temporary blinds.

Our temporary blinds are made from sustainable materials and thus are completely environmentally friendly. The materials used are recyclable paper from sustainable forests. Our temporary blinds range have 2 colour options to choose from; white or black; black being made from blackout material so you have the right control over the amount of light allowed to filter through. 

How do they work you may ask? Similar to perfect fits, there is no mess, screws or hassle when it comes to fitting the blinds as they stick directly to the window . It doesn’t stop there, when it comes to removing to install your order, the temporary blinds simply peel off! So you do not need to worry again about any mess or hassle.

Temporary blinds can be fitted to any window style so are the perfect choice when moving into a building with bare windows.

If you are looking for more information on temporary blinds then please contact the knowledgeable and friendly Just Blinds team for all your blinds, shutters and curtains on: 

Cannock: 01543 274 207

Stafford: 01785 556 424