Will blinds keep the cold out?

As colder months are in full flow, you may be wondering, what blinds may benefit you when wanting to keep the cold out and the heat in. 

To answer the question, without a doubt blinds do contribute to keeping the cold out – certain blinds will act more thermal than others. The logic behind this is that the blinds will form a barrier between the material and the glass, trapping a layer of cold air. By saying this, we can be confident that professionally fitted blinds are an effective energy efficient source to keep the heat in and the cold out. 

What do we recommend? 

Onto specifics, If you are looking for information on which blind in particular would be the most energy efficient when controlling the temperature in your home; we would recommend Duette blinds – Architella Shades from our Luxaflex range. 

Luxaflex thermal duette blinds

It is said that 50% of heat can be lost through windows. Luxaflex Duette Blinds use unique cellular construction which can reduce the said heat loss by half. They operate by retaining heat when it’s cold but also reduce warmth of the summer sun. These blinds are ideal for conservatories and can be made into perfect fits, making them even more efficient for the stated purposes. Available in a range of shades and materials, you can personalise your Duette blinds to meet your exact expectations. 

To conclude, all blinds will provide some form of heat saving energy, and are a perfect addition to any home. The duette blinds in particular use a unique cell-in-cell construction with three insulating air layers, to offer even more insulation for your property. 

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