Sun, Awnings & Suspicious Neighbours

Awnings; the ultimate statement to add to your garden or business and develop that craved neighbour envy. Both practical and stylish, Awnings are an ideal investment to increase the year round usability of outside living space by brining comfort and individuality to your outdoors.

Most popular in the sunshine, our high performing Awnings are designed for living and offer a great atmosphere to the outdoors. Implementing smart ways to bring on demand shade when it is bright and a touch of light when it is dark, Awnings are a great addition to any property.

Go the extra mile and build in lighting, heating and motorised controls, allowing you to have full control and develop a personable experience with your Awning!

You may be thinking, how can an Awning benefit you in particular? In this blog I hope to highlight the main key benefits and shed some knowledge, allowing you to then be the end decision maker!

Luxaflex Bespoke Awning

Some of the key benefits of Awnings:

  • On Demand Sun Shade

With the weather in the UK being temperamental, when the sun is shining and evenings are lighter, the time spent outdoors is significantly increased. However, we all need to be aware of the potential dangers of UVA and UVB rays. A high quality Awning will block up to 100% of these dangerous rays so you can spend longer in your garden without damaging your skin. Do you enjoy reading? When reading outdoors in the fresh air an Awning will allow you to read without glare and constant squinting by acting as a perfect sunshade.

  • Temperature Control 

On those hot days you can relax in the shade of your Awning and in temperatures that can be as much as 20 degrees cooler. Kick back and enjoy an ice cream or a good book! Having an Awning over your Windows, French Doors, Patio Doors, or Bi-Fold Doors will prevent the room from becoming hot from the sun’s rays. A south facing room without an Awning can make viewing the likes of a TV difficult and can heat up the room like a greenhouse. The Awning can block the sun’s rays before they reach the glass making it more effective than blinds, shutters or curtains with no disruption of your garden view. By blocking the UV radiation you will also protect your furniture and carpets from becoming sun-bleached and faded.

  • Privacy

Ground level gardens are typically overlooked by neighbouring properties. An Awning allows you to enjoy your outdoors space with a little extra privacy and don’t forget that neighbour envy.

  • Extended Living Space 

An Awning transforms the appearance of your outside space. The Awning gives the impression of a larger living area and softens the divide between indoors and outdoors . The wind and rain resistance of the high tech fabrics make your outdoors space an area that can be used all year round. Awnings can be further enhanced with LED lights, heating and even integrated music systems!

Perfect for all year round
  • Bespoke Design

Not all Awnings are the same. The extensive range provided by Awnings include a variation of styles, operation methods, colours and more. Visit the showroom or arrange a free home consultation to fully appreciate the ranges available and find the perfect solution for your home. Not to mention, all of our Awnings are made-to-measure, meaning you decide exactly how large or small and how much projection you would like from your Awning.

  • Sun and Wind Sensors

Want to leave your home without worrying about the temperamental UK weather damaging your Awning? We have introduced sun and wind sensors specifically for this reason! By adding a sun and wind sensor to your motorisation Awning Systems means you can instantly activate your Awning when it registers the sun’s rays, and retract when the winds seem too high. A convenient and practical addition for your Awning.

To conclude, all of our Awnings come with a minimum 5 year guarantee on framework and up to a 10 year guarantee on all our fabrics! For more information on Awnings, contact the friendly and knowledgeable Just Blinds team:

Cannock: 01543 274207

Stafford: 01785 556424