Can Blinds help me keep my heating bills down?

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As the cold weather starts to bite, we all want to ensure a warm and cosy home and keep on top of our heating bills too. There are only so many extra jumpers you can put on before you can’t move – but there is another solution to keep you and the whole family warm throughout the winter months.

Blinds look good as well as being practical by blocking out light and giving your home some privacy, but they’re also an excellent choice for energy saving purposes, and can help to insulate your home not just from the winter’s cold, but from those summer days that are just too warm for comfort.

Heating bills are likely to be higher than ever this winter as small suppliers go under and commercial fuel prices rise. Since we offer a no obligation measuring service in the Cannock area, now is a great time to find out how blinds can help you keep your home warm in winter, and book us in for a no-obligation free fitting.

How does my home lose heat?

How quickly your home loses heat will depend on several factors including gaps in doors, a poorly insulated roof, and via your windows, which can be one of the biggest factors in losing warmth. Finding a way to prevent the heat loss through your windows will save you money and keep you cosy in winter.

You might have long curtains, but they are unlikely to provide the same kind of insulation that well-fitted blinds can offer you. Many customers combine curtains and blinds for the ultimate in thermal efficiency and design.

How will blinds help?

Our expert fitters make sure that your blinds are measured and fitted properly so that they insulate your home effectively. Trapping a layer of air between the blinds and your windows means heat can’t escape (and can’t get in during the summer months!). Open your blinds first thing in the morning to get the benefit of the daytime sunshine, and close your blinds as soon as it gets dark to keep that cold night air out!

Which type of blind is best for insulation?

There are many different kinds of blinds, made from a variety of materials. Fabric is best if you are looking to keep the cold out, but any kind of well-fitted blind is going to help with both cold and heat insulation. Of course, you’ll be looking for something that goes well with your home décor, but we can advise and show you the wide range of blinds at our showroom, or on a home visit.
Blinds are one of the most effective ways for you to insulate your home and therefore save on your heating bills in winter – so much so, that you’ll be wondering why you didn’t have them fitted years ago!

Our family run business has a reputation for delivering high quality products at competitive prices, and our vast industry experience makes us confident that we can provide exactly what you need at Just Blinds.

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